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Global Partners Investments provides creative solutions to global problems in the energy, environmental, IT, and social sectors.  We access funding from institutional, private, and corporate sources, selecting projects with a responsible due diligence process with respect to financial and social returns.


We do not often accept applications for funding but rather seek out our own contacts in the banking and investment spaces.  We may not always have the expertise in-house, but we collaborate with the best professionals in their respective fields, joining committees for oversight.  Our priority lies in choosing projects that provide a good return-versus-risk balance as well as being beneficial to people and planet ecosystems, especially those set in less-developed parts of the world.


Established in 1993, Global Partners Investments (GPI) is a Colorado & UK-based private strategic advisory and intermediary firm that specializes in Commercial, Public-Private, Sovereign, and Philanthropic project advancement.  The Company’s partners have extensive experience in over 50 countries spanning the last 35 years.  The principals have affiliate relationships in political, financial, and socio-economic channels that enable GPI and its clients to achieve direct access to decision-makers, financial providers, and key partners.


By combining strategic know-how with efficiently channeled access to human, social, political, and financial resources, GPI is able to lessen the timetables to fruition and streamline the processes to achieve objectives as defined by GPI’s clients.​With strategic partnerships with companies like Quanten LLC, PeCo Energy, Non Nobis, TerraPower Geothermal, and Grupo Empresarial Lafuente, GPI operates across various industries, such as energy, green tech, housing, and agriculture.​GPI has headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and four additional offices in the US and Europe.


By 2023, GPI expects to close over US$30 billion in projects. GPI offers funding services such as asset management, project oversight, venture capital, and structured finance.


Innovation & 

We create innovative capital solutions that are profitable, good for the community, as well as good for the environment.  Our investors benefit from investments in environmental opportunities, while our projects simultaneously improve environmental quality, often bringing long-term benefits to society.  Providing capital solutions for businesses, organizations, and governments to help make a difference.  Our clients have the opportunity to invest in projects that address today's most pressing environmental challenges while creating profitable returns on their investments over time.

Human Capital & Leverage

At the heart of our company are our people. By leveraging the intellect and passion of everyone on our team, we devote ourselves to enriching communities with our capital projects along with educating, training, and leadership.  Our Community Relations Department helps us connect with local groups, charities, and organizations.

We are a financing firm enriched with relationships within the communities we serve.  We strive to make an impact in every community through construction projects and leadership training.  Our partners and clients depend on Global Partners Investments to provide quality service and exceptional value to their endeavors.  By leveraging capital, experience, and relationships, we continue to successfully execute our vision of enriching communities through our commitment to providing “Leveraged Human Capital."

Capital / Contract Value

For projects with an estimated investment of at least fifty million dollars, we offer our Capital and Contract Value services.  Our firm has more than 35 years of experience in the private equity industry and provides services to companies around the world.

As a vertically integrated, project development, and investment management company, we bring together top-level expertise in Financial Advisory, Technical Advisory, and Environmental Due Diligence Services. We are currently on track to complete over $30 billion in capital projects this year alone.

How We Work

We access funding through numerous sources, especially regulated multi-lateral institutions, and, as appropriate, complement these with private and corporate funds. We choose our projects carefully as the needed Due Diligence with the necessary KYC/CIS can become excessive vis-à-vis the expected financial and social returns. We do not generally accept applications for funding, but rather these are sourced from our own contacts in institutional and investment banking circles or those which create vertically integrated symbioses.

Generally, we do not have the needed expertise in-house, but hire those we deem to be the best in particular fields and work with them in oversight committees. Projects of interest to us are those which provide a reasonable return-versus-risk profile AND also are of strategic importance to the welfare of large numbers of people as well as planet ecosystems. Also, projects in the developing world receive priority.


Boulder, CO - Main Office

Houston, TX - Branch Office

London, England - Regional Office

Dublin, Ireland - Regional Agency

San Jose, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Budapest, Hungary

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Khartoum, Sudan

Johannesburg, S. Africa

Soyo, Angola

Lusaka, Zambia

Seoul, S. Korea



Trinidad & Tobago

Abstract Linear Background

Our approach is to merge social, environmental, and good governance with large capital projects.

Our Areas of Expertise


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Mohammad Fayyaz Khan

Mr. Khan has extensive management experience in the banking business,  Corporate Banking Operations, Financial Institutions, and Banking Operations’ Assets & Securities in terms of Business and IT Operations.  He has a total of 30-plus years in the Financial Industry and Private Corporate Assets giving him rich experience and making him a strong decision-maker.  He enjoyed the Wealth Management and Corporate Assets/liquidity Custody of the Private Businesses and VIPs of the Country. 

Actively participated and structured the Private Public Partnership Projects of the US States to develop the East Coast Gulf of Mexico Ports and Alabama Toll Road facilities onward connecting to Arizona Seaport to transform the logistics trade flow in the 7 land lock States. Total portfolio exceeds $480B. Directly responsible to generate the Liquidity and manage the Assets/liquidity, Municipal Bonds, Revenue, and Financial Re-Engineering to accomplish the financial needs of the Mega Projects together with the Issuer Global Infrastructure Finance & Development Authority Inc (A Non-Profit Organization) registered to handle the Private Public Partnership State Sponsored Projects development. Directly engaged for the Sovereign Assets, banking, and assets redemption portfolios for the Investments in several countries. Took over the States Development, High-Speed Railway Initiatives in Alberta, Montreal, and Alabama Port Development with Alabama Toll Road Facilities to ease the Passenger and Cargos trade across the States. 

Uli Kortsch


Mr. Kortsch is the Founder of both Global Partners Investments and the Monetary Institute, whose mission is to drive monetary and fiscal strategies to better serve and protect humanity.  In 2013 he was asked to organize a  conference on this topic at the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia, the proceeds of which are now published as a book. More recently he was asked to organize an in-depth conference in Switzerland with the objective of changing the country’s constitution to a modified Chicago-Plan style.  A  follow-up conference was held in Athens, Greece, with the Governor of the  Bank of Greece as host. His book The Next Money Crash—And a  Reconstruction Blueprint outlines the ideas.


Mr. Kortsch uses his expertise in the monetary space as well as global financial structures in his role as President of Global Partners Investments.  Mr. Kortsch has worked in over 50 countries, written a bill for Congress, and conferred with numerous national presidents, ministers of finance, and ministers of commerce.    He has served on many corporate boards with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.


+1 (610) 247-5299

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