Senior Advisor, Executive Strategy and Growth Planning

Mr. Sackie is the founder of The Laconia Group Inc., ( and serves as Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President. The Laconia Group evaluates technologies of investment firms current and prospective portfolio companies and matches them with the right national security opportunities for a host government.  Prior to establishing The Laconia Group, Mr. Sackie served as Senior Vice President for Oakley Networks Inc., which was backed by distinguished venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and acquired by Raytheon Company in October 2007.

In the last 10 years Mr. Sackie has created over $1.3 billion dollars in combined acquisitions and direct sales from two start-up technology companies and work performed as an executive in the multi-billion dollar defense integration business where he was responsible for developing new business initiatives, programs, and legislative affairs spanning the entire U.S. government, NATO, and U.S. Coalition Partners. During his career Mr. Sackie has spent over 13 years living in foreign countries and has over 30 years in the national security arena. He established and maintains numerous contacts with customers and key decision-makers in the Washington, DC area, and frequently performed briefings to key oversight committees in Congress, the Pentagon, and the White House.

Mr. Sackie is a key advisor to the Executive team of GPI in matters relating to strategy, growth and governance.

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Legal, International Development

With extensive experience in international structuring of global operating enterprises and individuals, Jeroen Kreeft, is a highly accomplished and widely respected tax attorney in dealing with multinational operating clients. Among his clients are quoted companies, as well as larger private companies and individuals, all with an international flavor.

After starting his career at Coopers and Lybrand (currently PWC), Jeroen joined Crop Tax Lawyers where, as a partner, he headed up the international tax and legal practice of the firm. In 2005 he joined Smart, the intelligent choice, to start their international expansion and head up their international tax practice from the Amsterdam office. After being in the Smart Group for several years, the Dutch arm of Smart decided to merge with Brada Kuttner where Jeroen and his partner Bart Wisse head up the tax team of the firm. Jeroen is a Partner in Global Partners Investments, Ltd.
Besides the large international client group Jeroen services, he takes a special interest in companies who deal with intellectual property rights and media as well as companies in the energy and natural resources sector.
Jeroen has been serving and serves both on boards and supervisory boards of various international associations and companies, which gives him a constant insight into the various fields of businesses his clients are acting in. Jeroen is fluent in English and German besides his Dutch mother tongue.

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Legal, International Tax and Finance

With more than 20 years experience in tax and finance, Bart Wisse is highly qualified in business advice in an (international) environment.
Bart started his career in the mid 80’s with the Dutch Tax Authorities as a Tax Auditor, being also heavily involved in both quality- and line-management in a period of organizational transformation. After a 10 year period with the IRS, he served as a CFO on the board of a privately held financial organization gaining important inside business experience on management, franchising, funding and the M&A practice. Since early 2002 Bart has been working together with Jeroen Kreeft, first at Crop Tax Lawyers and since 2005 as co-founder of Smart, the intelligent choice, before joining Brada Kuttner Amsterdam in 2009, where they jointly head up the tax team. Bart is a Partner in Global Partners Investments, Ltd.
His specialises in the field of M&A and business valuation, together with strategic management of start up (international) corporations. He has served as a board member of both national and international companies and is fluent in English, German, French and Dutch.

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Senior Advisor, Commodities Markets

Wacyf Hanna Ghali, MIM, Ph.D., born in Egypt of Coptic roots (meaning native Egyptian and Christian), comes from a prominent and well known family in Egypt which has historically represented the Christian minority in government since the 18th century. He immigrated to the USA where he completed his graduate studies. He has over 35 years of experience with Corporate America and International Business.
Dr. Ghali has worked for Kimberly-Clark Corporation, a Fortune 100 multinational company (with over US$ 19 billion in revenue) for over 24 years in different capacities (e.g. managing branded products, directing international marketing and sales activities, managing projects in facility construction, managing and directing business entities). In his last position with Kimberly-Clark, Dr. Ghali was Chief Executive for the region of the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia Subcontinent. Over the years, he established many important connections and personal relationships at government and business levels. 

Shortly after his retirement from Kimberly-Clark in 1997, Dr. Ghali founded ORION Investment & Development, LLC, an investment and business consultancy company primarily focused in the property market, commodity trading, and M&A. As such he became involved, for example, in marketing & sales planning and development, organizational restructuring and development, new venture development, asset management, investment planning and strategy, and raising capital. In addition, he has been a member of the Board of Directors and/or the Board of Advisors of other companies and non-profit organizations.

Through his years of experience, Dr. Ghali has learnt that one’s ultimate business mission is to develop and manage growth opportunities, for the benefit of one’s clients and one’s company, in association with one’s partners, in order to achieve a satisfactory and sustainable financial return. As he has mentioned: “Our strategy is to be the preferred provider of quality services and commodities, at competitive prices, by understanding and satisfying our clients’ requirements with what they want and when they want it”. Dr. Ghali is a key advisor on international trade and commodities markets for Global Partners Investments, Ltd.

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Advisor and Operating Partner, Emerging Energy, London (UK)

Arif Judge has over 20 years of energy systems development for Asian and African constituencies. Arif is a proficient business developer, executive administrator and relationship manager.  He has a global background in water, energy, power systems and emerging clean technologies further bolstered by extensive contract procurement expertise in the Americas, the People's Republic of China and the EU.  Arif has recently returned to London UK and has secured a series of contracts currently being administered in concert with GPI and its executive. 

Arif has joined GPI and plays a key role in project identification, risk assessment and resultant deployment. Arif is stationed in both Toronto Canada and London UK.

Direct: +44.(0)7564.830.790